Robin Thirdfloor — ‘Somdanger’ video

Ever sit at your desk, jamming out to a track, and get so ensconced in that song that by the time you come to, you realise you’ve just been kinda flailing your arms about and giving yourself whiplash the past couple minutes?

Cool cool, yeah me neither.

Durban’s Robin Thirdfloor released his track ‘Somdanger’ several months back, but a video just dropped and visually it’s the perfect compliment.

Sonically, there are strong juxtapositional elements to ‘Somdanger’. The beat is menacing and relentless, and swelling subs suggest an imminent threat. However, there is also some really neat top-line synth, jubilant backup vocal contributions, and RT’s flow is downright playful. He references Pikachu more than once.

As mentioned, the video definitely adds further contrasts. Although the backdrop is pretty modest, the gang are having the time of their lives. The boys are there, the ladies pitch up, Jager surfaces and dancing ensues. Thirdfloor is fun times personified, with his goofy (sorry) specs, tucked in shirt and almost constant elated facial expression — even when trying hard not to let it show.

Yo Robin, drop us a line when you make it over to London. I love those specs really.

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