Wellfleet Drive-in: Massachusetts Office of Travel. CC BY-ND 2.0

As the weather begins to warm up in the US and the reality is setting in that we’ll be in relative lockdown for the foreseeable future, it started to become apparent that Americans were going to innovate in new, crazy ways. On April 9, I put together some fun predictions for what we might be up to and shared with friends. One of the predictions was that Drive-in Movie Theaters are poised for a comeback this summer. When I saw a news article on this yesterday, I figured I’d post the first round of predictions here.

#1 Yard garbage
As the…

Good prototypes have a clear reason for existing and should be designed specifically to address this reason. Too often, prototypes are conceived only as early representations of the imagined product. Instead, an effective prototype should be created to explore and test specific questions or guesses about the product’s imagined user, their needs, or the perceived solution approach. Following this logic, the prototype design should be determined only after identifying what critical questions need to be addressed. The prototype should then subsequently be crafted to best reveal answers and insights around what you care most about learning. …

Keith Hopper

Guiding product discovery as CEO of Danger Fort Labs. Co-founder @awesomefound. @Techstars mentor.

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