Can We Change ? — I Say : Yes! We Can!

“There are 7 billion person on earth — Humans are very rare .Dear friends, Wish you to increase the number of humans!” — Khorava irakli

Do you want support for Georgia’s ongoing problems?

Then we can do it together I absolutely take all I can be a material reward to the organizer.

Problems in Georgia:

Social problems
Environmental Problems
Educational problems

Strengthening non-formal education
Youth Crime Prevention
Personal development of young people’s problems
The young people in the region without information

My contact information is:

Become a benefactor to care for people with the support of the small country.

“Charity visit to vulnerable families”

“Prolong the life children with leukemia Disabled”

“Eco Action In My Urban”

“teenager-adolescents Education”

Education Support Georgian Regions- Programme (trainer,organizer)

“movement to care for each other” Support 3,000 Family In Georgia

Visit Disabilities Children Into House
Creat Safe Road- Red Cross Georgia
Women’s rights Campaign