17 things about my mother that most people probably don’t know

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1.My mom never lies. She’s the most honest person I know. Except if she’s lying to her kids about looking after herself, because she’s always putting her family first.

2. My mom used to work as a fashion designer and now she refuses to play homemaker. Because she’s very busy being a nutritionist, physical therapist, yoga specialist, sleep therapist, fruit and vegetable expert, astrologist, Indian history teacher, beautician and just generally the wisest human ever. Even if her kids don’t always believe it.

3. My mom can’t talk while eating. Unless it’s to give instructions, tell us to eat more, or tell us how much she loves what she’s eating. And how she can cook it better. But don’t bother telling her anything while she’s eating because she won’t listen to you.

4. My mom cannot watch a whole film at a stretch. Everything around her has the potential to distract her. Also she’ll provide free running commentary and questions throughout the movie free of cost. Why did that happen? Who told her to do that? He shouldn’t have said that. I would have done this. Who killed who? Why? When? How?

5. My mom is scared of everything. And she’s scared of us doing anything. She’s afraid of closed doors. She’s afraid of water. She’s afraid of bikes. And cars. And planes. She’s afraid of theme parks and adventure sports. She’s afraid of me crossing the road. Even today. But she’s fearless when it comes to fighting for her family. She has single handedly stood up to anyone who bullied her kids. And she continues to do so even today.

6. My mom has taught us to be proud without being arrogant. She will never hold a grudge against anyone for long, and knows how to forgive without forgetting. No matter how big a fight she has with us, she won’t wait for an apology, but just come and offer food and act like nothing happened. She never expects a sorry from her family.

7. My mom doesn’t get fomo. Except missing out any opportunity to spend even a second with her kids. She’ll cancel any plan, skip any appointments, stay awake the whole night if it means a chance to hang out with us. Especially if she gets to skip her fake ‘workouts’ to hang with us for even 5 minutes.

8. My mom loves shopping. She goes to shops all over the world, and very often forgets sunglasses and other belongings at the shops. She won’t remember the shop’s name or address. But she will remember what the salesperson looked like, what stories they told each other and then expect you to figure out the shop accordingly. She’ll eventually track them down on social media where they become bffs.

9. The first thing my mom notices about anyone is the size and shape of their nose, followed by how tall they are. If she likes either of the above, she will tell you how much every time she meets you. Without fail.

10. My mom thinks she can design sofas and curtains. But she can’t. Our home is filled with failed experiments in furniture and textile design that she later tries to convert into clothes. And then hides those clothing disasters in closets and suitcases.

11. My mom will happily and most excitedly share all her clothes with my sister and me. From her oldest most precious ones to her newest purchases that even she hasn’t worn yet. She will also bully us to try them on at any hour of the day or night, even if we’re sweaty after a workout, and take 10000 unfocussed and unflattering pictures of us wearing them.

12. Whether or not my mom likes cheese is a mystery. The answer to that varies each time you ask her and depends on her mood. But don’t call her out on it or she’ll get most defensive and aggressive like she does if you catch her cheating in Ludo.

13. My mom is the most forgetful person in the world with extremely selective hearing. If she’s relaying a story to you, rest assured you are hearing the Neelam version of it which involves liberal artistic license and what she wishes was the truth. She might as well be telling fairy tales. The same applies to all news she reads.

14. My mom will not drive a car from the driver’s seat but will be an extremely participative driver from the backseat. Whether you like it or not. She will also lend her arm as an unwanted seatbelt in case she loves you and is concerned about your safety.

15. My mom has attended every single one of our parent’s days, sports days and class plays in school. She dropped us to boarding school and college and helped us set up every home we stayed in. But if you ask her what exactly each of us studied, I bet you she won’t remember.

16. My mom has come to every single Dysco event, and has acted like an undercover agent asking people what they think of Dysco, beaming when they unknowingly praise her kids. She’ll also then go to every stall at every event, and buy something small from everyone taking part to make them feel happy.

17. My mom is friends with almost everyone who has ever worked for or with her, and everyone who has ever been a loyal customer of hers. They all call her regularly to check in and chat. Many keep coming back to work with her if they need a job.

Mom enters every room with the widest smile, her eyes light up when she talks to people, and she radiates love and positivity everywhere she goes.. Mum you’re the sunshine of my life and I have learned everything I know from you. Even if I claim to be the one teaching you these days. I love you to the sun, moon, stars and back Ma, Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the whole world. There really isn’t anyone like you around.

Kri and Mish +Chix ❤

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