The Couch-Oriented PC Gaming Experience — Lessons Learned After One Year

My console-size PC Gaming bestie.
My console-size PC Gaming bestie.


When it came to finding the perfect components for this PC, I found a forum on the Internet that quickly put me on the track of what I needed, the sffpc (Small Form Factor PC) subreddit. There I found the reference of a box that seemed to me the perfect compromise between size and available space, fulfilling at once my contained size, portability, and modularity requirements. It was designed after a crowdfunding campaign by a Polish company called Dr Ząber and although it seems to have been a success, at that time it was no longer available. Luckily for me, a Chinese company named Hzmod copied the design and their product was available in Aliexpress. So after ordering the box, all I had to do was follow the recommendations I found in Reddit for the components I needed.

The insides.
The insides. Sapphire GPU was replaced by Nvidia RTX 3060 afterwards.


Linux vs Windows question, in order to try virtual reality the possibilities seemed to be much better using Windows. So Windows was the chosen OS.

My current Playnite launcher looks
This is how my Playnite launch screen looks, using full screen mode by default


All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The final question would be: Is it worth all this effort and economic investment (almost $1,500) to play when one can simply buy one or even more latest generation consoles for less money and save a huge amount of time in configuration and assembly? I guess that depends on each one, in my case yes, in the end there is no platform with as many possibilities as the PC, by a long run, and it does not suffer from any type of planned obsolescence by any manufacturer.



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