Hey, it’s me, the girl with acne issues…yeah, i’m still here. So let me catch you up on a few things. I promise this won’t take long. My last appointment was back before Christmas so my next appointment would be right around now, right? Wrong. My doctor was booked all the way up until February 3rd but thats okay because it gave me the time I needed to stop taking my medication while in Vegas so that I could party hard and then jump back on it in time to finish the 30 days before my appointment. (reminder: accutane effects your liver. yes, you can drink but its not recommended)

So onto Vegas I went! I stopped taking my medication for 6 days and partied like no other. Drank the drinks. Shot the shots. And danced almost every night away. It was fun. The whole time in Vegas I did something that I don’t typically do and not a single person noticed. I wore shirts that had skinny straps. Just small straps. I let my shoulders run free. So let me tell you about theses shirts. A few of the shirts I actually bought in Vegas to wear out to the night clubs (super convenient that our hotel was right across the street from Ross and Marshalls). So I find these cute shirts and while walking to the fitting room I’m cool, calm, and collected on the outside. However, I’m freaking out about the acne on my shoulders on the inside. THEN THIS GIANT LIGHT BULB GOES OFF AND I SMILE…. I no longer have acne on my back and shoulders. Those shirts no longer scare me. Those shirts are no longer my enemy. Those shirts no longer get put back even when they look great. Those shirts are now my bitch. HA. 😏😏😏

Vegas was fun but I had to pack up and head back to real life. Here I am sitting at the kitchen table typing this out and I realize that I didn’t fill you guys in on one big giant amazing happy PLUS side of this process. I’M ALMOST DONE! At my last appointment, my doctor informed me that I could quit taking the medication that day. My acne has reduced so much that he thinks accutane has ran its course. However, he gave me the option to quit taking it or continue on for another two months. I had a couple pimples pop up on my back at the time so I decided to do it for another month and then see where I am and possibly continue if needed. My next appointment is the 3rd and I will update you if I decide to move on for another 30 days.

NOW THE FUN PART!!! I’m going to share before and afters and a couple pictures of me WITH MY SHOULDERS OUT!!!! lol. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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