Life is a challenge

Life is a gift of God. It gives us chance to live in this beautiful world. Sometimes life gives us sorrow and sometimes joys. We face failure and challenges of life. Everyone has different concept about life but for me life is a challenge. Actual meaning of life is challenge. To challenge yourself for facing new tasks of life. Everyday is a challenge. And those who are stronger can accept challenge and face it boldly. Challenges give best experience and good lesson of life.

“ God loves his mankind and gives challenges to those whom he loves more”

We should not afraid from these challenges. Challenges might be different from person to person. Actually, these challenges are given for a reason for making man internally strong. Initially challenge might be tough but when it went out it gives a good lesson with more strength. After a challenge there is a beautiful reward.

“ life is collection of changes. So dont avoid changes. Take every changes as a challenge. Some gives you success and some acts as a stepping stone to success “

We should always ready for accepting challenges. It doesn’t mean that life becomes worst by accepting challenges but life can be easy in all aspects because it gives strength, courage and faith in yourself. If we don’t accept the hardships of life how can we celebrates the joys of life..?

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are?

“The second greatest is being happy with what you find and what you have achieved”

“life is a challenge, meet it!
Life is a dream, realize it!
Life is a game, play it!
Life is love , enjoy it!
Life is a song, sing it!
Life is a sacrifice, offer it!”
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