Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and concern for others or helpfulness towards someone in need. According to my project I have to write about five act of kindness during this week.

1) I get a chance to participate in fund raising activity at BISE Lahore for EDHI FOUNDATION. I show kindness and at the end gratitude will help me to raise enough money for foundation.

2) When I park my bike at BISE Lahore parking I show kindness and meet after a long time and talk with them in a polite way after this I feel he is happy regarding my behavior.

3) Thursday I am going to my friend house at night with my other friend for spending some time. On road side I saw a man he is looking like 60+ and he trying to cross the road. I park my bike and I help him to cross the road and at the end he thanks to me for this kindness.

4) I student come to me last night and ask me to help me regarding a particular topic. I am too tired because at that day I come back from office at 8 o clock. But I show kindness because he has to attend examination tomorrow. That’s why I help them to prepare that chapter.

5) I am going to drop my resume at meezan bank limited meet there HR person at after dropping my resume I show kindness toward security guard.

6) Today I help my class fellow who needs my help at BISE Lahore regarding correction of his brother name on matric degree and I help them to meet concerned authority.

By doing these things I feel proud and thanks to almighty Allah. i want to do something for me as well as helps to other. If a person ask me for a help if I can I defiantly do. And I made commitment then what happened I do it in a required time. This skill really helps me in my professional as well personal life.

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