Emotion Based Targeting Using Emoji Data

Emotional Based Audience Targeting, based on Facebook Emojis. Another data layer of the personalised algorithm.

I’ve been scanning my Facebook, the unfortunate news about Brussels and Ankara over the last week, show terrorism in all its manifestations kill innocent people and aim to divide innocent people.

What has encouraged me the most are the emojis on Facebook which shows technology unites us and that emojis and Facebook are capturing our global human consciousness to events and moments in time, in real time.

An emoji speaks a 1000 hashtags and an emoji is universal and all uniting.

You can see who gave a heart, was angry or sad and happy about an event an article a brand or an ad.

I don’t think we in the ad world fully understand how to use this. We have social listening this is social listening 2.0 powered by Emojies.

Emoji-Nal data becomes another layer of data for audience modelling

It’s another data point in the personalised marketing algorithm, add wearable and IOT data to this and all of sudden your unlocking massive amounts of value and growth capital.

Used in a correct, responsible and non intrusive way (I’m emphasising this as a critical requirement), adaptable sophisticated marketing algorithms will revolutionise how we understand, engage and develop deeper and more personalised relationships between the brand and the person.

In these times of volatility where different groups aim to divide people, brands, technology and emojies unite us and can capture the human conscious at any moment in time, in real time…

And that is a powerful thought !

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