DeFi — Hercules DNA for Global Financial System

A New Alternative P2P Finance System

DeFi is an aspiring democratic way to recreate banking DNA for the whole world in an open, decentralized, efficient and non-bureaucratic manner. It nullifies the disadvantages as well as inherent risk of traditional financial system by being more accessible, error resistant and efficient.

But, what’s wrong with our traditional financial system?

The traditional central banks have done grave mistakes with common people to take the brunt, hyper inflation led mass massacre occurred in nations like Venezuela, Sudan, North Korea, Argentina to name a few whereby their native currency devalued by more than 75% vs US dollars in less than five years. The traditional asset benchmark, US dollar, itself is under a lot of price pressure due to the oversupply and consumption exhaustion galvanized by governments attempt to combat COVID pandemic economic repurcurssions. In such an unfriendly scenario, a digital asset gives people the flexibility and comfort to have their savings combat government influenced hyperinflation. To add to misery, the traditional banking system have had a massive failure in its access availability, even today more than 35% of adults in the world are still unbanked. Furthermore, both financial innovation and individual freedom to invest as per own desire has been limited due to the heavy imposition of regulations by central banks. It is no surprise, these are some of the many core reasons why piece meal digitization efforts have been attempted by traditional banking dinosaurs barely making their name appear in the fintech journey. A baseline effort, though too late and irrevocable to bridge the flaws of regulated bloat of bureaucracy.

Growing Network of DeFi applications — Save time, Save money, Greater access and security

Unlike fintech, which still has some central authority in effect, DeFi, applies blockchain technology and cryptographic security to build trustless systems that run on the logic of algorithms. DeFi ecosystem real power unleashes from array of Decentralized financial applications primarily build on the Ethereum’s open sourced platform and include lending protocols, security tokens derivates and exchanges. The greatest benefit of such a holistic financial environment is that its self-sufficient, anyone with access to internet can experience the DeFi limitless world.

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The real genius, truly unearthing the decentralization benefit, while integrating the abundant availability of traditional financial assets is promised by a new DeFi project by Zin Finance ( Through introduction of an intuitive, simple to use investment platform users shall have the financial freedom to access, invest, save and build growth nest of both traditional and digital asset types including but not limited to gold, crypto and stocks. Furthermore, the project’s token $Zin will be a 100% deflationary token, whereby token holders will be able to earn more Zin through staking and an industry first burn and buyback program.

A popular way to look at the success of DeFi is measuring the amount of “locked” funds in DeFi. “Locked” funds refers to the funds that consumers have trusted to send to the smart contracts that make up the DeFi ecosystem, below snapshot represents the confidence among the consumer to place their money in the smart contracts repository.

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The booming new ecosystem is gaining popularity and infrastructural strength through emergence of pioneering decentralized finance projects in various DeFi categories.

Soon to be mainstream, we are experiencing an era whereby the global financial industry is running on a common software infrastructure across asset classes, being natively interoperable, and open source.

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