We had a lot of rainfall in a very short period — about 1 HR — this past weekend. A few of the streams filled to capacity and were on the verge of overflowing their banks. The iPhones in the house were screaming as various apps displayed a flash flood warning.

Of course, this provided the perfect opportunity to drive out to one of the Rock Brook along Hollow Road in Skillman, New Jersey and grab some “moving water” shots.

I met another woman out with her camera near the bridge from Grand View. I admit I put the tripod in a “difficult” spot to get this shot.

The Rock Brook During a Flash Flood
The Rock Brook at Bessie Grover Memorial Park During a Flash Flood

Was I ever in any kind of danger? Perhaps. Perhaps, the brook could have surged and I could have been so focused on getting the photo I would not have noticed and could have been swept away. Or maybe the tripod would have become unstable and toppled over into the brook taking my camera with it.

But none of that happened. I was careful. I had a look out. I kept alert. And I got the shot.

Aperture : ƒ/10 | Credit : Khürt L. Williams | Camera Make : NIKON D5100 | Caption : The Grandview Bridge During a Flash Flood | Taken : 31 July, 2016 | Copyright : © Khürt L. Williams | Focal Length : 11mm | ISO : 100 | Exposure Time : 10s |

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