Social bookmarking in SEO 2018: The list, Strategy, Pros and Cons

Khushbu Machchhar
Jul 12, 2018 · 2 min read

In general, social bookmarking is to bookmark our favorite web page to the browser to read them later anytime without surfing the Internet again.

Now, the question is,

What is social bookmarking in SEO?

To bookmark a web-page or an URL on many available online social bookmarking sites and create a community there who like your bookmarks. And that increase the traffic and rank of that particular page.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the social bookmarking site.

The Pros of Social Bookmarking:

  • You can build a community with your content
  • You can earn a good number of traffic to your blog post/website when done social bookmarking right.
  • Your content can be featured on one of the sites and earn a huge number of traffic to your website.
  • It is easy to do, anyone from your marketing team can do after learning the basics of submissions.

The Cons of Social Bookmarking:

  • Submitting to social bookmarking sites may earn you great traffic but your user engagement ratio decrease, time on site decrease and also bounce rate of site increase. The very good example of this case is to post on Reddit, you will get a lot of traffic from USA, UK but you’re the time on site decrease bounce rate will increase gradually.
  • Submitting tons of bookmarking site manually, increase burden, instead you can give this time for manual outreach to the right people and the right influencers.
  • Most of the sites are spammy in the list available on Google searching for social bookmarking sites. Adding your website link on those low-quality sites will not get you a good number of conversions, engagement and ultimately Google doesn’t like low quality of links.

The list of the Social bookmarking site:

1. Reddit

2. StumbleUpon

3. Pinterest

4. Growthhackers

5. Pocket

6. Flipboard

7. LinkedIn pulse

8. Digg

9. Dzone

10. BizSugar

The strategy of Social bookmarking activity:

1. Know your where your niche audience is engaging or commenting

2. Don’t just post, engage in Conversations

3. Also share others good stuff in your niche

4. Know which content will perform best on which platform, be selective while choosing each platform. Because each platform will have different/unique audience than others. Same piece of content will not work on all platforms.

I hope you guys get the right about Social bookmarking site and this activity in SEO. Do let me know your thoughts in comments below. If you find this post useful please do like and share with your followers/friends.

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