4 Signs Indicate a Passive Candidate is Ready to Join

Passive candidate sourcing has always been one of the hardest challenges in the recruiter’s life. This is because passive candidate do not even wish to open job mails or appear for interviews. The reason is they are sitting till the get the best opportunity. In this regard, we can also say that there is always less competition in passive candidates than amongst the active ones. Here comes the time when recruiter must devise his passive candidate sourcing energy. The journey starts from identifying the passive candidates who are willing and ready to move on.

So, what signs determine whether a passive candidate is ready to join? Look below:

If the candidate has been doing the same job for an extended period of time

A candidate who has been in one particular job for an extended period of time. In such cases, the candidate might not have been promoted for years and found his career dead end. This reason makes him feel thoughtful about switching to a better job. Such a candidate might not appear easily but is certainly waiting for an opportunity to come to him at the earliest.

He or She is Restless

Some candidate talk constantly about job change but hardly seem to be changing the job. The reason might be lack of complete role they are looking for in their next job. Such passive candidates can be reached with offers you can give to them. A compatible role offered by you can certainly open to your advances.

More Active on Social Media

Usually, the passive candidates are the smarter ones. They do not look for jobs on job boards, they do not make calls to HR’s. They begin with reaching out to their network on social media. They often seem to be joining more work related groups, listen to employment news and that’s a clear sign that want to make a switch. Write job descriptions, which cater to passive candidates in a way that they approach you.

The Candidate Spends a Lot of Time on Facebook

If your plans are to become friends on Facebook with potential candidates then you can even start engaging them. Candidates spend more time on Facebook than they spend on Twitter or LinkedIn. Reason is friends, statuses, chats, videos and more. This also means that candidates have got bored in their existing jobs.

So, do not worry about how to fetch good candidates. Implement a perfect Passive candidate sourcing strategy and make the way for your absolute talent pool.

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