Importance of Employee Relations

Employees, as we all know are the backbone of every company. There is hence no surprise why big brands like Google, Amazon, Tata Motors, Flipkart, Myntra and more spend a huge amount of capital on employee engagement and retention. Today, the swift change in acquiring talent to retaining talent is gaining more value owing to the increasing demand for employees from their employers. Recruiters today find top talent to ensure they have only A-performers in the firm whom they can train, retain and appraise. This is why we thought of bringing into your notice the importance of employee relations.

Employee relations- What is it in simple words?

As the words ‘employee’ and ‘relations’ clearly reflect, the bond between employers and employee. Every organization must give foremost value to their existing employees over hiring new ones.

Why employee relationships are vital?

Employees- new or old, work hard to deliver an output expected out of them. Appraising them, rewarding them and training them are some of the way through which employers can create as well as maintain employee relations to motivate them to work and stay for a longer haul and assist the company towards the overall development.

What are the latest ways of creating great employee relations?

Well, employee engagement is not a new thing for hiring managers. What they need to adapt is the new trends of creating better bonds with their employees. Some of the ideal ways to do so includes offering flexible timings. This way employees are not restricted with office timings and can finish off their tasks as per their own convenience. We do not mean any lack in the quality of output they deliver but only the freedom to work within their comfort. Further, to maintain good relations with employees, HR leaders can offer learning and development programs through which they can convince introvert employees to interact, share their views and other employees to grow with every assistance, training and support they need. Employee relations are also best build up on offsite parties and trips. Employers can plan an amount to be kept aside entirely for office engagement which ultimately leads to a better work culture for employees. Indeed, who has to leave will leave but employers can certainly take a step forward to illustrate what best they do to engage, attract and retain employees.

Tata Motors extended its maternity benefits policy for female workers. Amazon and Flipkart followed by. Lifestyle brand offers flexible timings plus a great work culture to employees. All this proves how crucial it is to keep the workforce enthusiastic and stick to the brand.

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