Stop Measuring Success With Numbers

Aug 27, 2018 · 2 min read
Source : Google Images

In today’s tech-driven world, everything is measured in numbers — may it be the data in a computer system, your intelligence or even your success. Since the beginning of time, humans have correlated success with numbers — your percentage in high school, your rank in entrance exams or the amount of money you make, have all become the parameters of defining your success at different stages in life.

If this was the case, then a child getting three marks out of hundred in class 9 mathematics examination would never have been successful in life. But the same child, has turned out to be the cricket sensation of our country. He is now the captain of Indian cricket team in all the three formats. If this is not success, then what is it?

Same was the case with Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. Their scores did not make them successful. Their knowledge, hard work, perseverance and passion did.

Success is not a predefined notion. It is a perception. The way you perceive success, alters your attitude and lifestyle. Success should not be defined by numbers like scores or salary. It should necessarily be defined by how happy you are — with your personal and professional life. Having a good GPA in graduation or a huge bungalow at the age of forty, does not essentially mean that you are successful. Internal satisfaction is what matters. You may not earn in 6 digits or have a cent-percent score, you may not be the numero uno in your respective field, but if you are truly happy with your job, family and life, then you are successful.

How happy or contented you are, resonates your success.

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