Yogasanas for curing diseases — Myths and Misconceptions!!

A common question that often comes up in discussions around yoga is — what asanas can help cure thyroid or cholesterol or diabetes.

It is true that people have come out of these chronic ailments with the help of hatha yoga. At the same time, I am not suggesting that yoga can substitute medication entirely. Yoga is therapy that should be undergone in parallel and will show improvements over time.

But before that we have to understand what are these ailments?

Something like Hyperthyroid is nothing but an imbalance in our bodies. Today, human beings are subjected to stress and anxiety, we don’t have access to pure food or pure air. The body reacts to these factors with such imbalances.

Yoga asana can help bring in balance in our bodies.

It is true that sarvangasana (shoulder stand) or halasana (plough pose) helps stimulate the thyroid gland and hence is good for thyroid. But only a few asanas cannot cure a disease. Thyroid and other chronic ailments affect the whole body. Hence, yoga should be practiced for the entire body and mind.

And it must be practiced with proper breathing and mindfulness, only then is it yoga. Otherwise asanas are just postures that can be done at gym or before a football match.

Practicing pranayama and focusing on breathing during the asanas, balances the prana or the life energies within us. And that is when the true benefit is gained.

And most importantly — one has to be consistent and practice regularly to see results. For example, yoga practice makes us to more aware of our bodies, breath and mind and in general thelife around us. Once we imbibe these principles, that will happen only with regular practice, we can apply it in our daily activities and reap the health benefits of yoga.