I imagined myself, in my dreams.

Meeting him for the first time.

Spending some quality time.

Talking about our interests, our likings.

Giggling, laughing, living the moment.

Then, heading back home, late night, as though he was my night-king.

In the fantasy taxi-ride of Mumbai,

the city which never sleeps.

And it’s people believe that

it fulfils all its dreams.

I believed it would fulfil mine as well.

Cause I loved it equally well.

this one dream of mine,

in this ride,

wherein he and I would be lost into each other.

Wherein he and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

Wherein we both listened to our heart, and did what we felt right.

Wherein he and I could become us, for me atleast.

Because that’s where I believe I belong.

With him, with his arms wrapped around me.

But this city, didn’t agree.

For the first time, it conspired against me.

Poured its heart out, on the same day, when I was about to live my dream.

I couldn’t meet him, I couldn’t leave.

I could only feel the pain within me.

You disappointed me. You did.

But at the end of the day, you know it’s me.

– Your hopeless lover.

Photo credit – Google Images.

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