Enjoying this season of deep cleaning. Going into nooks and crannies. Looking into the attic. Opening up stuff that had been bundled up and stowed away. Mindfully letting go of all that we no longer need. Gratefully keeping that which adds to our life. Making space. Feeling light.

Loving every moment of it.

In Marathi we have a simple term for a whole story – आवराआवर! (Since half of my life time i have spent in Pune, kind of comfortable in Marathi) It makes me very happy.

And why this picture? I mean, is there anything happier than me witnessing a sunset and me making a wish to it :)

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How do you know you need to take a step back?

  1. You are going around in circles, having the same experiences over and over again.
  2. You feel like there is no way of moving forward.
  3. You are exhausted simply by the idea of showing up for the same battles, interminably.
  4. You are dead on your feet.
  5. You are done.

Take a step back. Take a deep breath, or thousand. Gain some distance. Get fresh perspective.

When it seems impossible to move another inch forward, thats’s when you take a step back.

No telling what miracles lie in wait for those who have the courage to take a step back.

Alternatively though, you could just shut down your laptop. And let a street dog/ kitten near your area fall asleep on it.

But… Yeah… you get the drift.

#ImportantRemindersToSelf #UnderTheTree



I love scars.

They show me

That skin is magic

And it grows

And knits itself together

And stitches up

Your torn being

They remind me

That one day the pain

Goes away

The raw red agony


The bleeding stops

The misery ebbs

That one day

Skin wins

And tissue mends

And something

Pulls you back together

Something puts you back together

And in the place where

You were cut

There is one day

A living monument

Made of skin and soul and you.

I love scars.

They tell me

I am healed.


(Trails always remind me of scars. And always make me see how important they are. Trails. Scars. They lead us to some pretty amazing places…)



“Why do you take so many pictures, asked my family, Friends.

My reply to self- It’s like making pickles. Or jams.

When the summer is behind us and the next season of raw mangoes seems far ahead, then you open up that jar of pickle. It has the mangoes of the last season. It has the scent of warm summer nights. It has the spice and tang and freshness and heat of days that slipped through your fingers. But more than that, it has the promise of the next summer. You have to empty that jar of pickle before the next summer shows up. And make way for new raw mangoes.

That’s why I take so many pictures, my inner child self told me.

So that I get to live the flavour of warm, sunny days. No matter what the season.




I see anger as a useful emotion in two contexts:

One is when we use it to fuel us to fight evil, right wrongs, protect the weak and challenge the oppressor.

And the other in which we use it to set boundaries.

In all other ways I find anger corrosive, abusive and counterproductive.

And the perpetually angry? I choose not to engage with them. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I’d rather have conversations that build than those that tear down.

I’d rather share silences than spread noise.

And oh, the particularly vicious brand of anger that villainises those who call you out on your hate-mongering smallness? That I simply laugh at.

But I don’t tolerate it. I rigorously sanitise my space and scrub away any traces of it.

So, all those people playing Anger Games?

Guess who is not playing with you…

#thepowerofjoy #SelfCare



And as the year winds down

And a new year looms

On a horizon that

Wobbles with the weight of

Old grief

Give your heart

A soft gentle smile

Give your soul

The power of joy

Give your own

Beleaguered self

The time to sit

In silence that speaks.

Give old wounds

The will to heal.

Give yourself

The gift of you

Give that grief

Permission to leave.

#ImportantReminders #UnderTheTree



Making a big change needs little steps.

But before that it needs a big decision.

Make that decision. Take those steps.

And before you know it… you will have reached your first stumbling block.

Jump over it.

Then you will find a deep ravine.

Enter it.

You will certainly reach dead ends.

Find other routes.

Keep going.

But also rest.

Big changes take time.

And tests.

Appear for them all.

Show up.

Move on.

Walk through.

And eventually

You will change.

But first you will feel like

Nothing is happening.

Remember, the seed germinates


So, trust the process.

And laugh a little.

#ImportantReminders #notetoself