Stop complaining! Start praising😊

Yess sometime i do mess with him but it doesn’t mean i don’t praise him i seriously appreciate him for his efforts he do make for me and this blog is just for him because i am not the bestest but still he thinks i am the only one :’) not only this but there are many things i praise in him and will forever! All here i wanna say is we all should start praising what we have instead of complaining to each other. No one can be same and no one can be like him.can you all imagine in today’s world a man with gentliness,full of love,romance,caring a lot abt him to say he is oll perfect. Through this blog i just want to say please appreciate and praise what we have stop complaining stop comparing just be happy what we have :) we look at other couples and usually think woww so cute but do we know the reality behind their relationship? No! Many of them are today breakup and aftr weeks patchup so that in this meanwhile time they can flirt with other!!seriously this is disgusting i just want you all to think about your partners too! And yess

I love you❤ i am sorry for all the mistakes you are the world’s bestest my bestest❤