We live in a world full of great digital and physical experiences. Companies invest heavily in creating personalized and enthralling experiences to capture the attention of their customers. These experiences help companies attract, retain, and grow their customer base.

“Today, people buy experiences, not products, products [aren’t the main] differentiator anymore.” — Shantanu Narayan, CEO, Adobe

AEM Forms has helped many organizations deliver great onboarding and enrollment experiences over the years. These experiences have helped organizations convert leads to actual sales, process captured customer data with business workflows, deliver responsive experiences based on the audience profile, and much more.


A signature on a form or a document is an authorization or a proof of identity and intent. Most forms require signatures before those are considered complete or submitted for further processing.

You can use Adaptive Forms (Adobe’s version of enterprise class web forms) to build a paperless form filling experience and Adobe Sign to helps people sign the filled forms and documents from the convenience of their home, saving people time, money, and energy spent on physically visiting an office to fill and sign a form.

When you use Adobe Sign with Adaptive Forms, incorporate the following best practices…

John is looking to save money for his daughter’s college education. He searches the Internet for the best performing mutual funds and finds the one that suits his requirements. He visits the mutual funds’ website, where he is presented with a PDF form. He starts filling in the form. Meanwhile, his parents stop by for a visit, and he has to put the form-filling process on hold. Eventually, he forgets to fill the form and mutual fund company loses a potential customer.

In another part of the world, a similar situation with a very different outcome is occurring. Samantha is…

Are you looking to convert a PDF form or a printed form to a responsive digital form? What if I tell you, you can make the conversion within a span of a few minutes? And, automatically, without any manual intervention. Would you believe me? Yes, this is possible with Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei’s Automated Forms Conversion Service (AFCS) can convert any PDF form or high-quality image of a form to a beautiful responsive form within a span of a few minutes.

The service runs on the Adobe AI and Machine Learning network. It works like magic. You can use any…

Khushwant Sehgal

Senior Content & Community Lead at #Adobe for AEM. Adobe Certified Expert in AEM Business Practices. Postings are my own and don’t represent views of Adobe.

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