Letter from self to self — Fall 2016

This letter is written as part of my continuing work with the U-lab journey — a global movement for change-creators. It has been an incredible experience, and I highly recommend you check it out.

Dear Khuyen,

It has been a year since you wrote the last self-to-self letter. Didn’t it amaze you that the vision became true? Having done this visioning exercise for a few times now, you can trust that we are our own future. Somehow the future is in us somewhere; we just need to be awakened to it.

You stepped into the future again. Here is what you wrote in the vision this time:

“The door of my future opened. There were light and a tranquil silence. I saw a circle of people, sitting on the floor of an unknown place. Their eyes smiled at me, eagerly waiting. As I stepped past the door into this future, closer to this circle, I suddenly realized we knew each other! I didn’t see any particular faces or names, but that feeling of familiarity was unmistakable.
I turned behind, saw a few more people and almost jumped “What, you are here too?” They smiled and nodded, acknowledging without words: “We have been here all along”. Yes, they have been here ALL ALONG. It’s as if the world has been conspiring FOR me.
I looked back through the door from the past and gestured to whoever still there “Come with me”. Then I turned forward again and looked closely into the smiling eyes of the people in the circle. I walked to my spot there, knowing that I fitted RIGHT IN. Indeed, I sat down, leaned to my neighbor and talked as if we already knew each other for years. It’s that level of comfort. We even did a little welcoming dance by spontaneously standing up and down in our own chair like different notes being played on a piano. It was so fun playing together like a team. Don’t ever forget that uplifting feeling. It is when you are at your best.”

Look at what you just wrote again.

That was cool wasn’t it? It was even cooler to see the evolution of such vision. Remember that your vision last year was a lot of people standing in different places, that you went to each of them, shook hands and hugged them? You knew you would meet a lot of people, and reality indeed did turn out that way. In the vision for this year 2016, there is no stranger. Everyone is part of the circle. The universe has revealed to you the sign; you just have to acknowledge it. We have indeed always been waiting for each other all along.

Remember that at the immediate level, your work is to create the space to bring together different communities that you are involved in, that you care for, that you know would have a lot to learn from one another. You know the people to reach out to — those who care about you, about these communities and about a more meaningfully connected world. Stand on their shoulders, build on the stage they have laid out, and invite others to join.

Keep in mind these three pieces of advice

  • Step forward. Not only stepping, but flowing with ease and joy, knowing that every moment can be turned into a gift.
  • Love this journey. Embrace and learn as much as you can from all that happen.
  • “What is it?” Keep asking, clarifying, questing.

May you keep staying with the Force, 
Your future self

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