Health Care Reform Plan & Kat Timpf

  1. Generous Health Savings Accounts to allow for Routine Health, Dental, Vision, Prescriptions et al. This would go greatly to the Portability Issue and the Control of Medical Pricing Issue by the Economic Laws of Supply and Demand.
  2. Catastrophic Insurance with Health Cooperatives that include Alternative Types of Treatments and Patient Choice paid with a Voucher System.
  3. Use of National Institutes of Health as an Active Participant in the Health Care System for Scientific Research on Disease and Advancement of Treatments for more Complex Medical Problems.
  4. Food and Drug Administration Reform from “Safe and Effective” (Neither of Which is Reality) to “Informed Consent of the Patient”.
  5. Reform or Abolishment of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the War on Drugs and Promotion of Alternative and Natural Treatments.
  6. Health Care & Health Insurance are Two Separate Issues that must provide for Patient & Doctor Independence from BOTH Government & Health Cooperatives Influence.

Kat Timpf on Health Care

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