Types of Travellers You Must Avoid in 2016

2016 has arrived with a bang and your wish list for the year is surely way longer than your list of resolutions. Does your wish list for 2016 include travelling to a place you’ve never been to? You must be looking forward to spending quality time with your friends, families and loved ones but beware! We think the company you’re with is the most important factor for your trip to be a memorable one. So, we have listed below the top 16 types of travellers you must avoid travelling with! Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

The Social Media Fanatic

This type of traveller was probably non-existent during our parents’ times. Our generation, however, is a different story altogether. This social-media-attention hungry species is always on the lookout for the next Facebook Check-In moment or worse, be so engrossed in their phones and laptops all the time, that they’d have rather stayed at home. Who cares if they just witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets of their life? It would be worthless if they cannot find the perfect filter to suit their Instagram post. #BestSunsetOfMyLife

The Stickler for Schedules

We get it. It is extremely difficult to make the most of your valuable vacation without a planned itinerary. However, planning your day right down to the minute and not willing to be flexible about the timings and more importantly, experiences sounds like a terrible idea. The world won’t come crashing down if you do no finish your lunch at 2.44 pm as per schedule.

The Multi-linguist Show-off

You know the one traveller who tries so hard, but fails, to sound like he is fluent with languages as foreign as Mandarin or even Maori? For your peace of mind, we’re suggesting you avoid fellow travellers exactly like them. Not only might they turn out to be a source of embarrassment in front of locals, but their half-baked Spanish lessons from 8th grade might end up causing you more harm than you might imagine.

The Comfort-Food Craver

This is the type of traveller who will go in search of a McDonald’s or Subway outlet even in a distant foreign country instead of trying out the best of the local flavours. No gastronomic experiments for them, please. After all, who knows how the local food might taste. Avoid them at all costs lest they brainwash you into their KFC-eating ways as well.

The Unorganised Mess

He is that person right in front of you, who is holding up the security line at the airport because he forgot to check in his heavy luggage or overshot the hand luggage limit or carried along his large bottle of favourite perfume… well, you get the drift. Coupled with their I-don’t-care attitude, they are a deadly tribe who will surely ruin your holidays.

The Know-it-All

Members of this group tend to broadcast their knowledge and opinions, especially about the destination at the top of their voice and at every chance they get. They might even interrupt the tour guide and try to correct their facts. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

The Inseparable Couple

What is worse than a couple that fights all through the trip, you ask? It’s the couple that cannot get enough of each other. Each new place they visit must become a photo-op and each new experience must be an aww-inducing one. And of course, there will be excessive PDA, irrespective of who is watching and where they are going.

The Over-Enthusiastic Groups/Families

These might just be the most dangerous people you can ever end up travelling with. The day will have ended by the time the entire group is ready to leave, their constant, animated chatter will precede them wherever they go, they will create a scene at the drop of a hat and they will ultimately make life hell for everyone except themselves. We can already imagine you cringing in disgust at them.

The Night-Owl/Alcohol Guzzler

These unique creatures will stay up drinking till 4 in the morning and then sleep through the day like a log. This cycle will continue till it drives you crazy enough to set out on a drinking binge of your own. No better way to waste valuable vacation days in an exotic destination.

The Lazy Slacker

The outdoors? What is that? This type of traveller’s basic definition of travel — chill in the room with some good music, good food and good alcohol. Once they have parked their behinds on the beds in their rooms, it is almost impossible to drag them outside, especially if you’re thinking of a trek or a long walk or anything that requires the slightest of energy.

The Luxury Traveller

This type of traveller requires the best of amenities and his perfect holiday includes a stay at a seven-star resort, meals at fine-dine restaurants, relaxing at the most luxurious spas and travelling first class exclusively. Suggest an impromptu camp night under the stars or a simple countryside homestay and see them squirm with discomfort. Do you really need that kind of negativity in your life?

The Superior Being

They are ready to fight with anyone if things don’t go as planned, they have an air of superiority especially when visiting certain countries, they do not respect the locals and their culture, they believe that support staff like waiters, stewards or cabin crew are their servants and they just generally get angry all the time. Need we say more?

The Typical Tourist

The typical tourist is the one with a map in his hand wearing the tourist uniform — shorts, sunglasses, hat, et al. Wherever he goes, he will visit only all the most popular tourist landmarks and is barely concerned about exploring the rest of the city/country. Think the quintessential forced perspective photo with the Taj Mahal or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We know you really want to see the Colosseum but why not head out on an unplanned tour on the outskirts of Rome as well?

The Stingy Fellow

When you’re on a holiday, you need to keep a tab on your finances. But people belonging to this distinct category do not stop at that. They keep such a stringent control on their spending that they forget to actually have fun while they can. Penny wise, pound foolish anyone?

The Directionally Challenged

Even if they are armed with a map, a compass and a GPS device, they will end up getting lost in a tiny alley in a remote corner of the city. If you’re still going to let this crew tag along, we bet you will end up spending your holidays trying to find each other and probably come home with hefty phone bills.

The Perpetual Whiner

If you’re going to travel with anyone belonging to this category, be prepared to hear things like “The shower doesn‘t work!” “There are so many insects here!” “I don’t like the food.” “I want to go home!” Can’t you already imagine a whiner wreck your holiday?

We have tried our best to list down the types of types of travellers you must avoid — those who make for the worst travel company. Be wary of these people and avoid making plans with them if you are really looking forward to some unforgettable times (in a good way, obviously) on your holiday. We would love to know if you have ever met such people on your adventures or maybe someone worse!

Originally published at www.guiddoo.com on February 19, 2016.