No hassle Food-Guide for babies

I am a working mother of an eight and half-month-old baby boy.
I nursed him for 6 months but I also introduced baby food when he was 5.

I started with boiled solution of Rice and Split Green gram (moong daal). (Recipe below)

For a month, it was only this solution, Formula Milk and nursing; scheduled for every 2–3 hours depending on the baby’s requirement.

From 6th month onward, I introduced Cerelac; twice a day, three scoops at a time.

See the chart below.

By the time he reached 7 months, his gums had already swollen and I knew his lower teeth would be out soon so I started giving him Calciferol and other other supplements suggested by the doctor .

From 7th month onward you can introduce Khichdi with Vegetables and fruits but I was under a lot of pressure for not introducing anything “gassy” or too difficult to digest, so I figured out the best food that gives, fibers, proteins, and Carbs.

Speaking from my own experience and consulting the best Pediatrician(Dr. Rishikant Ojha) I have met so far. He is well-researched, practical and the right mixture of Home remedies + Medical science.

Now Recipes:

1. Boiled water of Gram and Rice:

Introducing this as the first food is important because babies can easily digest the carbs and proteins in them.

->Take an equal measure of rice and gram and grind it well to create fine pieces of the mixture.

Keep it stored in fridge and everyday take two tablespoon of the mixture and boil it for 15 minutes. Use a strainer to separate the water and the mixture. Use the water to feed your baby spoon by spoon.

2. Sweet Potato Puree

Rich source of fiber since you have introduces carbs and proteins and Formula milk.

->eel and cut the sweet potato in pieces and Boil for 10 minutes in a pan or cooker. Blend it well in a Blender. You can serve a bowl once or twice a day.

3. Rice and Gram Paste

Commonly known as Khichdi. Use a Pan, add a tablespoon of ghee with 3–4 spoons of Rice and Gram mixture, let it boil for 15–20 minutes, mash it gain with spoon and serve.

My son did not eat it plain so I mix 2 tablespoon of this mixture with different flavor of cerelac every time and feed him 2–3 times a day.

4. Sweet Potato + Tomato + Beet Puree

Introducing Ghee now is a good idea. Helps in smooth motions. Peel and chop all three items. Keep beet lesser than others. Use a Cooker this time since beet is tough to boil and make a paste.

->Add a tablespoon of Ghee, a pinch of salt and a pinch of jaggery to introduce all three tastes to a baby. Sweet, sour (tomato does the trick) and salty. Cook, Blend and serve, twice a day.

5. Mashed potato or A steamed mashed apple

Often babies suffer with loose motions, Not because they are teething but because they are putting everything in their mouth and anything can cause an infection.

If your baby has loose motions, do not give formula milk; only feed if you are a nursing mother.

Continue with Cerelac and rice and gram paste during loose motion. Feed them Mashed Potato.

Second, give them some Zinc drops since the babies get too lethargic and zinc deficiency cause rashes inside and outside the Baby’s bum.

->Use a cooker to boil potatoes, mash them and grind some nutmeg onto it with a pinch of salt.

Serve them twice a day.

Happy Parenting!

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