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Khyati Sardana (July 14, 1984) is an Indian actress, Models, Producer and Social Activist. Khyati Sardana is a promoter director for Krisp Eximp Pvt. Ltd. and production movies started by her in mid-2014. Khyati Sardana appeared mainly in regional movies i.e. Bhojpuri and Assamese. Before coming to Krisp Eximp she has an example in working in more than 135 regional movies.

Khyati Sardana was closely working with core production and direction team in association with different production houses.Khyati Sardana has been awarded as Ms. Gorgeous and Ms. North East in the year 2013. She is brand ambassador of many private companies. Sardana at ED office, Sardana Scam at ED office, Sardana Chit Fund at ED office, Khyati Scam at ED office, Khyati Chit at ED office, Khyati Sardana Scam at ED office, Scam Khyati at ED office, Scam Sardana at ED office, Chit Scam Kyati at ED office, Chit Scam Khyati Sardana at ED office,news khyati ,khyati sardana news , news khyati sardana, news sardana khyati,khyati sardana news ED office.

Khyati Sardana has vast experience of modelling as the assignment for the same. For the same started from the year 2005 and Social Activist. As Social Activist Khyati Sardana is associated with her own NGO Khyal since 2011

At Khyal, we facilitated with the various program that helps them in improving their skills in different fields, like basic Computer training, parlor training, stitching courses, Dance aerobics and education for children ext.