Real talk from a UX researcher

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

But fuck all that for this post; the diplomacy hat is coming off.

You have to connect the dots, because people suck at it

But getting them to actually care about what you did and apply it to what they’re doing is so much harder than you might think.

You will be an emotional whipping boy, because empathizing with users kinda sucks

But the researcher does the bulk of the work connecting emotionally to users.

I achieve empathy (or at the very least, I sympathize), and then I have to turn around and make all the shitty bits more palatable for stakeholders.

You have to learn how to be a mediator, because you’re brought in to settle disagreements between team members

You have to change teams or change jobs every 2–5 years, because the “known knowns” never get addressed

So why am I still a UX researcher?

Put your diplomacy hat back on, FFS



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Ki Aguero

Ki Aguero


UX Researcher with a passion for workplace emotional intelligence