UCL 2016/2017 Group Stage Matchday 3: Olympique Lyonnais 0–1 Juventus

Personal Analysis

A big win from Juventus to stay top of Group H.

Final score: Lyon 0–1 Juventus.

A heroic performance from Juve to keep the top spot in Group H!!!!

The first half saw a quiet match, where Lyon sat back and waited for chances to counter, while Juve kept the possession and looked for a way to get past the Lyon defense.

The first big moment saw Gigi Buffon saved Alex Lacazette’s penalty. Quoting the pundit’s comment on Buffon, “He’s been masterful tonight.” I totally agree, the penalty save in addition to the unbelievable saves in the second half completely restores his reputation after 2 bad games for Italy and Juve. Lyon’s Anthony Lopes had a stunning game as well, denying several chances from Gonzalo Higuain.

Buffon dived to his left to deny Lacazette from giving Lyon the lead in the first half.

Fyi, before this game, Juve was the only team in the group stage who has yet to receive any bookings.

We don’t always receive bookings in a game, but when we did, it leads to a penalty. LOL (sarcasm 🙊)

A dramatic turn of events in the second half happened when Lemina was dismissed after receiving the second yellow card.

We don’t always receive bookings in a game, but when we did, it leads to a red card. LOL (another sarcasm 🙊)

Let’s just say that Lemina helped us spark our game with his dismissal (another sarcasm 🙊). This led to a reverse in the role of both teams compared to the first half. Lyon controlled the possession and Juve sat back and wait.

After that, came the show time for mister Allegri. With his trump card, the super effective substitution, he introduced Juan Cuadrado, Stefano Sturaro, and Medhi Benatia to replace Dybala, Khedira, and Dani Alves.

Juan Cuadrado single-handedly gave us all the three points with a sensational, unbelievable goal. After receiving the ball from Dani Alves at the edge of the penalty box, he dodged a defender, glanced to his left as if he was going to cross, and BOOM!!! Unleashed an unstoppable shot to the near post! Not even Anthony Lopes on his best day could stop that goal. A serious contender for this season’s best goal in the UCL in my opinion.

Juan Cuadrado scored with an unstoppable shot. “He does the unthinkable,” said the commentator.

Sturaro and Benatia contributes a significant amount of defending to protect our lead and keep us up with Sevilla at the top of group H.

A super performance from the lads today, including Lemina who sacrificed himself to lift our game up (another sarcasm 🙊). I prefer the team to play the way they did in the second half even when we still have 11 players on the pitch, though. At least, now we can see that the team are really growing in confidence in the UCL and mentally ready to face difficult matches like this one.

The two heroes at both end of the pitch.

A difficult choice for man of the match between Buffon and Cuardrado, but I have to go with our captain. His penalty save kept the game our way and his crucial saves made this win possible. Honorable mention goes to Alex Sandro who played tirelessly as usual. His strong dribble at the right side of Lyon’s defense at the end of the second half really shows why he is one of the best left back at the moment.

Gigi Buffon once again proved that, at the age of 38, he is still at his best and produced some miraculous saves to keep a clean sheet. His third from 3 matches in this season’s UCL so far.

That’s all! This has been quite a long analysis!

Mission Lyon accomplished. Now it’s time to prepare for the trip to Milan this weekend.

Fino alla fine forza Juventus!!!



Credit: All pictures are taken from Juventus FC’s official twitter page https://twitter.com/juventusfcen