Stuck In The Sound — Let’s Go MV
Fan Zhang

I agree with the point that this video is expressive and committed to communicating the mood clearly. It also preserves clarity by presenting the important characters using bright colors and the background and background characters through dull colors. I would argue, however, that the ending with the other astronaut being revealed to us as a man actually was creative daring. In this video the other astronaut is not portrayed as a trickster who convinced the main character into having false hope, but rather it placed the blame on circumstance, or on the main character for rushing to change his dream without thinking. In the end, because the two astronauts end up playing video games together in an indication of friendship, the story ends on a positive note rather than one of disappointment.

Additionally, I think that the pacing of the beginning of the video is intentionally fast, not solely because the time is limited. It indicates how little the astronaut really cares about all of that time in his life. He was only focused on his dream and didn’t care about the journey to get there. He doesn’t care about the details during this time, so we are not given any details.

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