Promoting Good Animation — The Lady and The Reaper
Victoria Rose

This video is particularly risk-taking because not only does it present wanting to die as a healthy idea and presents suicide as a justified act of spite, but it also critiques doctors/hospitals. While normally people who work in hospitals are portrayed as heroes or at least helpers in the story, it is clear in this animation that the doctor’s main motivation is to save his reputation rather than save the older woman’s life.

This addresses two issues: it indicates that hospitals are sometimes concerned more with their numbers than their patients’ wishes, and it also shows that as an old woman with apparently no family to advocate for her, the main character does not really have influence over the way she is treated. She later defies this by taking her own life in a way that is almost portrayed comedically, and we see that the doctor is not really affected by this, further confirming that he never really cared about her.

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