How to effectively gain knowledge in UX design — a review of the Interaction Design Foundation

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Being curious and eclectic is my constant incentive in learning and discovering new fields.

Starting with a linguistic high school diploma, I went through a computer engineering master’s degree, and I’m currently working as a credit risk analyst in a banking institution. But my passion has always been art and design and I have always spent my time reading, learning, and searching for ideas and material in that field and that’s how I have discovered UX design. Fascinated by this field, a year ago I decided to begin my journey in UX design, with the desire to change my professional path.

I felt the need to switch my career to something more creative and design-related. I even thought about a complete change by taking into account an interior design master’s degree but then I realized that I would rather work in a digital-related field. I chose to look for online courses which fitted my needs as a working mum with time constraints.

And here it comes The Interaction Design with its amazing catalog of User Experience Courses!

With an affordable yearly fee and the possibility of taking as many courses as and when I want, it is the ideal solution.

As I had no prior knowledge, I got started with the UX beginner’s guide course which gives essential concepts that are useful to set the basis for future learning.

Thanks to this course I discovered the powerful mindset of Design Thinking and I went on with other inspiring courses.

Day after day, I feel more engaged and that’s because the IxDF platform gives me the chance of:

  • learning at my own pace
  • choosing courses among different skills level
  • deepening my knowledge with a vast amount of free resources (articles, design topics, and books)
  • getting insights from webinars by design leaders

Furthermore, the IxDF offers the opportunity to follow specific learning paths and focus on various topics at different levels. That helped me immensely since I didn’t know where to start.

A year after the beginning of my journey, I can affirm that I learned more than I would ever have thought and I gained a renovated critical sense both in my professional and private life.

One of the main scopes of my job is understanding and representing data: thanks to what I learned I have a different approach and I always keep in mind my users and their needs. It may seem obvious but for me, it is not: it is quite revolutionary!

In my everyday life, I’m always searching for good and bad design examples. Now I’m able to notice small details in objects that I commonly use and I look at them from a different perspective.

All that being said, I can definitively recommend IxDF to any newbie who wants to jump into the world of User experience but also to any professional who wants to expand their expertise.




Aspiring UX designer | design & art lover | traveler | eclectic | hungry learner

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Chiara Gariazzo

Chiara Gariazzo

Aspiring UX designer | design & art lover | traveler | eclectic | hungry learner

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