Cyber Reflections: Module 1

The content of the first module provided a wealth of informative knowledge for me, and stimulated internal debate about how secure we are from cyber threats in both a corporate and personal environments. I feel that in my local system, consisting of my personal devices and data, I have fairly comprehensive level of cybersecurity. All my devices have two-factor authentication in place, and my network has a secure firewall. I also have anti-malware software on all my devices. I have sufficient access controls on my devices, data, and the networks that I use. However I realize, now more so than ever, that none of these controls are fool proof, and more can be done to mitigate and potential threats. One particular area of note that springs to mind, is browsing habits. I feel I can work better to maintain a greater awareness of sites and downloads that may be potentially harmful. In this rapidly changing cyberspace, there is a critical need for cybersecurity to evolve with it. Informing oneself and gaining KSA is also integral.