Interesting attributes of Andela team mates and LFA

Boot Camp is the challenge ring and trust me you without a team and guys having your back failure is a must. To distance myself from this i thought for of a plan for sure two brains are better than one, so i finally decided for me to be on the right track sharing my hard experiences and lack of full understanding in programming wont make me look odd but with show my mates that am new on this and thus give them advice to help me out so as to keep mi on track and move from the point of a pure beginner to intermediate

The advantage of interacting with other people and asking question is the insight you get about other for instance in my interaction with a few student in the challenge made me think real i had been doing this all wrong another link from a fellow college got me to say why did the first link make things look so complicated?

in this world for sure no one is an island you need other people to make it in life be it in programming or other filled .You will be amazed at how some people find your challenges very simple and how there challenges may very much be in need of your specialties.

here are picture of mi seeking help from my lfa and fellow colleges

kelvin seeking help


for sure together we succeed and divided we fall