Bobby Jindal Takes on the Millennials at Hofstra University!!!

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal visited Hofstra University on September 14th at the J.C. Adams Playhouse to talk about this year’s presidential race to the White House. The presidential nominee spoke with our students and the Hofstra community to talk about the Presidential Debate and Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. In the beginning of his speech, Jindal talked briefly about being a person of color growing up in Louisiana and how his parents migrated from India to America. Jindal talked about the value of hard work and overcoming daily American struggles. He talked about his position of eight years as Governor of Louisiana. Jindal explained his duties and responsibilities as Governor and how Louisiana can be improved.

Half an hour into his speech, Jindal explained the goals and aspirations the Republican party has developed to make America a better place for everyone. Before his speech came to an end, he explained to the students why it is important for millennials to vote and why out votes matter to the 2016 Presidential Race. He also advised the students to pick the right president to improve the United States of America economically.

After Jindal explained the importance of voting and the importance of America, the students had the opportunity to organize a Q&A with the former Governor. There were questions such as what can the government do about student debt? How does the Government feel about racial oppression and what can they do to solve it? There were questions in regards to climate control, gentrification, and raising minimum wage.

Though Bobby Jindal is a Republican, he spoke to the students with passion and respect. He answered all of the student’s questions and remained humble throughout his entire speech. The students were grateful to speak with Jindal after the event. The students are looking forward to seeing him again at the 2016 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016.

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