Celebrating the Gift that’s You

The clock is ticking and it’s almost New Years. Time continues to tick.

I’ve been wanting to write this article since November but I’ve been struggling. Part of me didn’t want to write this in haste while the other struggled with not having any unfinished items before the New Year. I’m the type of person that wants to have their whole house clean and all things in order to start off the new year. I also hesitated to write this article because I didn’t feel like I was “expert” enough.

But, it’s going to be a new year, and this is my first step to believing in who I am and that what I bring to this life is valuable. If someone finds what is shared- a good read, then cool.

A few days ago, while reading “The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do” I came across this quote, “If you pay attention to your life and the lesson’s it can teach you, you won’t feel so lost. Your story will seem less like a series of disjointed events and more like a beautifully complex narrative unfolding before you.”

So here is my December story of events.

There are gifts out there specially for you and your years to come.

  1. The best gifts really aren’t always materialistic.

Earlier this month, my husband and I had just returned from a trip to Florida. It was my husbands first time to Disney World and my first time going there during the Christmas Holiday Season. Every park, attraction and hotel in Disney World was beautifully decorated with gingerbread homes, ornamented garlands, Christmas wreathes and trees. It was beautiful. There were also hundreds of people dressed in Disney Holiday cheer walking in and out of the Disney stores, shopping for gifts and items to take home.

In a way it kind of reminded me of the shopping scenes in “Whoville” from the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Suess. My husband and I decided that I would purchase the gifts for my side of the family and he his. I am normally not a spender but I got caught up in the “magic of it all” and went over the budget I had allocated.

When we returned home, my husband chose to immediately give the gifts he purchased to his side of the family. This irritated me because I thought we were going to give the gifts purchased for Christmas and I worried how much more money he would end up spending for additional Christmas gifts.

Early Christmas Eve, we stopped at Walmart to pick a few items we needed for the home. My husband still hadn’t purchased or prepared any gifts for his side of the family and I became anxious. When I asked him if he had planned to purchase any, he shared that he planned to give one gift for the family as a whole. I then felt uneasy with his response as I had beautifully wrapped gifts for each child and family member on my side of the family and we would only have one for his. As we walked the aisles in Walmart I told my husband that we should get something small for the kids on his side and spending a few extra dollars wouldn’t hurt. At that moment an idea popped in his mind to get the kids their favorite candy bar and a few “poppers” for Christmas. Yay-one worry down.

My husband and I had also discussed that we wanted to be at both of our extended families homes to watch our nieces and nephews open their Christmas gifts. Initially, I would go over to my side of the family after the Christmas Eve festivities on his side and he could stay on his side. We could then Skype or Video chat Christmas morning while our nieces and nephews opened their gifts. As we continued to walk in Walmart, my husband shared that he did not want to do that. I worried how we would compromise.

That evening it somehow worked out that we were able to watch his nieces and nephews open the gifts we brought Christmas Eve and then go together to my side of the family for Christmas morning. We realized that just being there with the family to see their faces at the time they opened their gifts, meant a lot.

Your presence is a special gift, being present with those you love and appreciating all that it brings can bring more happiness to you and those around you than material things.

2. Doing the things you fear will bless your life in helping you to do what you really want to do.

It’s weird to think about it that way, but most times your fearing to do something because you really want to do something.

Repeat: The thing your fearing to do is stopping you from doing what you really want to do. If you don’t do what you want to do, you will never know the gift of what your wanting to do.

When my husband and I wanted to get from Disney World to Universal Studios one of the options was to take an Uber/Lift. It was going to be our first time and we had our worries. Were we going to have a pycho driver? but I still wanted to try a new experience and I didn’t want to spend more money than I needed. So with no other plans to go from Disney World to Universal Studios I downloaded the Uber/Lift App. and waited to see what would happen. To our pleasant surprise my husband I were able to get from Walt Disney World to Universal Studios with ample time to enjoy the rest of the day and without any hassle on getting to our destination. We were also able to stop at other destinations with little wait and much convenience.

New Experience. Done.

When I got to Universal Studios I also wanted to ride “Escape From Gringotts”. It was a new Harry Potter ride that promised excitement and thrills but my husband couldn’t ride because of a shoulder injury. Up to this point we had ridden all of the rides together and I didn’t want to go on the ride alone. But, this is what I had come to Universal Studios for.

So I made the choice to go alone.

As I walked down the corridors of the ride entrance I saw signs that basically warned injury if you were not healthy. All I saw from the warnings were, “Turn Around Now”. I started to panic. Would the ride make me sick? Could I handle it? I kept walking, how could I turn around now. I stepped on to the ride cart and pulled the lap bar down.

There we’re turns and screams. The cart moved fast in darkness probably even backwards. I don’t remember. I worried what would come next before I knew it, the ride was done.

Now I knew that it was doable and I could handle it.


I met my personal goal and I could meet more.

3. Nourishing the things in your life that truly matter help them grow and in turn are gifts to you.

I had waited all year for the Disney vacation. I was stressed at work and really needed to take a break. I knew that if I wanted to be less stressed the trip needed to have a plan. Prior to going, my husband and I researched things that we wanted to do and talked with loved ones for additional recommendations. Having planned times and locations gave direction saving us worry. When things didn’t happen the way we thought they were going to happen, taking a deep breath and being ok with “going with the flow” saved us mind drama.

I had also known that Disney World was huge and I needed to prepare myself for all the walking that I was going to be doing. Prior to going I had set a goal to get comfortable shoes and to walk a few minutes everyday. While at the parks we walked at least 6–9 miles a day. My feet were sore but I was glad I had walked prior and bought good shoes. We were able to spend more time out in the parks enjoying what they had to offer because we weren’t as tired or as physically sore as we could have been.

Ships- Nourish your Friendships, Marriageships, Familyships and Workships.

The time we have on earth is limited. Relationships are important to living a gifted life. Making time to send a card, text, phone call to loved ones just because is a gift. It was already December and the year had gone too fast.

Remember that you are important to those that are connected to you and building those connections are special gifts. There is only one you and how you nourish those Ships will be done the way only you do.

Here’s to the New Year! Happy Gifting!

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