Nike Joins in Body-Positivity Movement

Since its founding in 1964, Nike has held its title as, arguably, the most influential athletic brand to this day.

Since then, Nike’s active line has catered to a very selective clientele; the small and the athletically fit.

However in order to keep up with the growth of the body-positivity movement, Nike has expanded their plus-size active line!

In case you didn’t realize it already…


For many this was a reason to celebrate! For others, it was seen as the perfect opportunity to bust out with fat jokes and ridicule those that they deem to be “unhealthy” and ultimately, beneath them.

Ironically, many criticized Nike for “supporting unhealthy lifestyle choices”, simply because they decided to include a plus-size line for women.

Apparently only the fit and skinny are allowed to wear workout clothing.

Quick to defend herself and her fellow plus-sized models, Gracie Francesca, a U.K. plus-size model featured in Nike’s campaign, was quick to snap back at self proclaimed critics.

She tweeted to her 69k followers that her and a fellow Nike plus-size model would be…

“laughing all the way to the bank”.

As much negative attention as Nike’s campaign attracted, they also received endless amounts of support!

No matter how hard some tried, they couldn’t steal these ladies shine!

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