The Plus-Size Problem

I have always been on the bigger side when it came to my size. Growing up I found myself feeling insecure because I didn’t wear the same sizes as my friends who were very petite.

The older that I got, the more difficult it was for me to find bottoms that actually fit me comfortably. I knew it was time to make my way into the plus-size section!

At first glimpse, a difference from the “regular size” section was evident. While shopping the plus-size section, I was unable to find the same cute and fashion forward styles that were present in the other sections of the store.

The plus-size section was filled with generally modest clothing with simple color themes, and A LOT of black. Whereas the other “regular size” section featured clothing of all colors, patterns, and styles.

There wasn’t much variety.

For a funky fashionista such as myself, it was definitely not what I was looking for. I was beyond bummed!

I told myself that maybe it was just this one store who featured plus-sized clothing like this. I mean this was my first experience shopping in the plus-size section for myself, so I tried my best to stay positive and not think much of it!

The more I went shopping for plus-sized clothing however, the more I realized that it wasn’t just that one store I had first visited, but pretty much all stores that depicted plus-size fashion in this particular manner.

It was clear that stores/brands that did not specialize in plus-sized clothing featured a much smaller selection of plus-size attire, and had an apparent opinion as to how plus-sized women should dress.

Majority of these stores/brands did not offer “sexy” plus-sized clothing, but instead offered very bland pieces that wouldn’t necessarily be considered attractive nor stylish.

It appears as though they took it upon themselves to make the assumption that plus-sized women do not want to wear revealing clothing that could possibly show off their body (that society has made clear they should be ashamed of).

As awesome as the stores that do specialize in plus-size clothing are, they make their customers pay an arm and a leg for a piece that costs half that at regular stores.

For a broke college student such as myself, this really bummed me out!

Just because a woman is plus-sized doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the desire to be sexy and show a little skin, and she shouldn’t have to pay twice as much to do so!

This is the dilemma faced by plus-sized fashionistas.

This has stunted the fashion growth for many plus-size women. We either can’t find the right clothes, or when we do we can’t afford it!

Although the plus-size industry is growing, work is still needed along with a better understanding of their customers wants/needs.

Until then my plus-size fashionistas, tough on and continue to be the beautiful, sexy beings that you are! There’s no shame in our game!

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