Veronica Pome’e

Kiana Siafega-Asi
Feb 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Veronica Pome’e is a 27 year old plus sized model from Southern California. When she’s not at a photo shoot or getting ready for one, Veronica spends the remainder of her time working as a community organizer; volunteering and taking necessary steps to better her community!

At the age of 23, Veronica kicked off her career in the modeling business. Being one of the youngest plus sized models in the industry, she was quickly able to differentiate herself from others. Veronica is the founder of a self-love and self-empowerment organization known as Change in LOVE. By utilizing connections through modeling and Change in LOVE, she has been able to inspire young women of all sizes to love themselves and be the best version of themselves they can be!

When asked what self-love means to her, she stated, “[Self-love is] putting your needs and wants at the highest standard, and holding yourself to that standard. [Self-love is] being self-empowered and it’s completely unconditional”. While being a model can definitely have its perks, it can also take a toll on an individual; being in the spotlight and having criticism come at you left and right from people you didn’t even know existed, and even people you consider to be friends or family. According to Veronica, because of this self-love is an “extremely” important aspect and is “core for being a model”.

Despite her accomplishments as a model, Veronica is most proud of her attitude which allows her to not give up on things she believes in. For a long time, she felt as though it was wrong for her to believe in herself, and she allowed doubt to take over her life. However, she has found the ability to think for herself and to not follow the crowd.

Veronica’s career as a model and a public figure of inspiration is one that is just beginning, so remember her name!

Kiana Siafega-Asi

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