In this article, we will discuss how node-xyz can be integrated to work with RisingStack Trace.

What is node-xyz?

node-xyz is microservice microframework for node. It is a low level , minimal, yet comprehensive toolkit that can be used to easily develop and deploy microservices. node-xyz consists of two main components:

  • xyz-core: which is the microframework that we will be using to write our services.
  • xyz-cli which is the command line tool that we will be using to deploy our services. xyz-cli can be configured to work with Trace very easily.

This tutorial is using xyz-core v.0.4 and xyz-cli v0.4.1. Since node-xyz is…

This is the second part of my story with node-xyz. It this section, I will focus on the technical aspects of xyz, explaining its architecture and design.

Other parts:

  1. The story of xyz
  2. The technical aspects (this page)

The Main Task

The main focus of the framework is about exposing functions. one microservice should be able to easily expose a function. Another should be able to easily invoke it, without dealing with low level details. It’s should look like this in the end:

workerMs.register('someBusinessLogic', (payload, respond) => {
// calculate some stuff
// fetch some data
respond.jsonify({message: "task done!"})

and the other…

In this article I want to tell you the story of how I decided to write a microservice framework for node. I will also go into some of the details of the implementation.

This writing is consisted of two part:

  1. The story of xyz (this page)
  2. The technical aspects

First, let’s talk about how I ended up here.

Microservice development; How I saw it

more than two years ago, I first heard of the term “microservice”. It was quite vague for me at the time. As time went by and I read more and more about it, I started to get it. It made sense like…

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