“How Are You?”

I was at a startup conference recently and one of the speakers started his presentation with those three little words. He let it sit for awhile before saying “We don’t ask ourselves that enough”.

That part of the presentation struck me the hardest. It’s so easy to put something or someone before ourselves, or to get caught up in life. So I learn to check in with myself more often nowadays.

Some days, my heart is peaceful like a rainy evening and my mind looks a bag of M&M chocolates doing a musical. Some days, my heart is chaotic like an ocean during a monsoon and my mind looks like a junk yard that needs to be dug through.

Every day’s different.

On days when my heart is bursting with happiness, I’d run around and play like a child. On days when my heart is feeling sad, I’d buy myself a chocolate bar and I learn to treat myself better. On days when I can’t decide, I’ll imagine what I’d do for a friend when they’re feeling the way I feel, and do that for myself instead. On days when I feel lost, I’d ask myself what do I want or need, and figure it out from there.

I learned that it’s okay to feel a certain way. That we can always do something to make it better.


It’s such a simple question, yet incredibly powerful. And he’s right, we don’t ask ourselves that enough.

So, how are you?

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