Cold Showers. I have Conquered them.

The Breathing Method that made me invincible.

Journal, March 11 2017, 07:12
Man that just looks so.. sexy. I just wanna get in there..

I have read and watched videos about how cold showers is apparenatley what massivley successful people do in the morning.

I tried it for about 20 seconds… I tried many differnet methods to srort of inisitll thsis habit inside of me..,,

didn’t work, like most of my habits.. I did it for 2 days then I stooppedd.

An then I read about its benefits by Benjamin Foley on anxiety here on Medium…. That changed everything for me.

I couldn’t stop reading the post. Here was a man only a couple years older than me, and he was dealing with anxiety…

this changed it for him

I read about wim Hof, the ice man .. come acrosos him before in my related on youtuibe but never rewally lciked it..

(picture here)

I began reading about him and

Thought if everyone is mentioning his name, maybe theres spmethiong to this guy…

Read about his breathing method..

Basically you take a deeep breath in (explain it)

Felt invincible. I stripped off all my clothes threw it on the floor, walked right into the bathroom and without a split second of hesittation turned on the water. Bring it on I thought.

I didn’t turn it gradually or anything. I went straight to the coldest level.

Went into it, I didn’t even feel it! I felt numb.

I started laughing hysterically. I

I was so present.. I just let it pour over me… and I didn’t feel it.

I came out and began cooking, put some high energy big band jazz, and began cooking 3 different meals all at once.


It’s the middle of the day so let’s evaluate my day so far..

Okay well I got up at around 9:30, and just sort of walked around for a bit, and in my thoughts. I began eating the bags of chocolate and M&M’s that were incorrectly delivered to my house..

I don’t know why I did that, I know that I shouldn’t eat junk food. I’m trying to eat healthy. I didn’t eat anything useful really.

OH! I should eat 30g of protein within a half hour of waking up.. I keep forgetting to do that.

Today however is an exception. The reason it was going so shitty was because it was I was out with friends and my roommate who was my ride back wanted to leave at around 3:00. Our drive back was around an hour and I slept at around 04:30 .

I then went on the computer to finish a project. I didn’t do my morning routine like I should have..

Anyway, these are just some of my observations so far for today.

My day really started at 15:00, when I got off my ass and did the Breathing exercises, then hopped into a cold shower, meditated, stretched, did tai chi, cooked food, started writing this journal, planned my day, visualized, and started reading a book about habits (The Power of Habit).

Late night Update: I found out I’m spending too much time trying to just be “productive,” instead of allocating my time on the things that will net me the most in my future (near and distant). Anyway, I gotta go to bed.

This is how I want my tomorrow to look like:

  • Wim Hoff Breathing exercises in bed (4 rounds)
  • Take a cold shower
  • Meditate
  • Tai Chi
  • Drink a protein shake
  • Make a great breakfast and prepare lunch
  • Take a mindful walk around the neighborhood
  • Journal
  • Read my Habits book for 30 minutes


  • Start studying. Study for Econ (chapter 4 for 1 hour). Then review other chapters for 30 minutes.

Then work on the websites for 2 hours.

Then take another cold shower, meditate again.

  • Study History for 1 hour. Then review everything for 30 minutes.

Do the homework for Econ (while transferring the questions to my flashcard).

  • Buy Theatre ticket (due Tuesday).

Meditate again

  • Work on Ben’s website for 2 hours.
  • Work on Ravenna website for 1 hour.
  • Create a medium blog for marketing (look at my notepad, I outlined a plan for it)

Meditate, and then Sleep.

Alright I’m gonna go to bed.