The second time hurts much more than the first.

I’m sitting here typing this on my phone wishing you would text me back like you said you would. I know you’re with her and I understand that but you also said you loved me so why does it feel like all I do is bother you?

The first time you rejected me in hurt it hurt so fucking bad. But this this hurts much more. I think it hurts more because I really thought we were starting to connect again I thought you really did still love me and that we had a connection again. But instead I just annoy you and you just reject me all over again. I miss you I do. I thought you missed me too.

You said you wanted to be close and I’m trying I am but every time I talk to you you sound so done with me and that I’m just a waste of your time. I wanna be a part of your life but if all I do is piss you off then tell me to go away and it’ll hurt but then I wouldn’t be dragged on feeling like there’s a chance you still love me when you don’t.

If you see this text me or don’t if you’re just gonna be angry and annoyed with me don’t and I’ll know. I still love you.

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