My name is Kianna Kaspy and I study Management at McGill University. Over the past couple years, I have organized several events with well-known professionals in the fashion industry. Most recently, I hosted an event at La Maison Ogilvy in Montreal with Debra Margles, the President of Michael Kors Canada. Our speaker spoke to over 100 fashion oriented attendees, who left not only inspired by Debra’s journey to success, but had the opportunity to network with the Michael Kors team,and other likeminded individuals. Other speakers that have spoken at my conferences include: Brand Director of Elle Quebec, Creative Directors of House of Mackage, President of Aldo International, CFO of Aldo, and Senior Vice President of Vince Camuto.

In September 2016 I founded SKY HIGH CHOOS, a platform to inspire young entrepreneurs and creative individuals by directly connecting them to professionals in the industry. SKY HIGH CHOOS provides millennials with tools to succeed in the fashion industry, and the skills required in any professional environment.

On May 21st, 2017, SKY HIGH CHOOS will launch its first event with three fashion entrepreneurs and bloggers in the heart of Manhattan. Seventy guests will have the honour of meeting and interacting with:

·Excessories Expert, Elizabeth Savetsky (

·Eishes Style ( )

These strong, independent women will interact directly with attendees and share their knowledge about varied aspects of the fashion industry, suggest strategies on how to stand out in such a competitive, cut-throat industry, and empower hopefuls to relentlessly pursue their passion.

To reach our utmost potential, SKY HIGH CHOOS welcomes sponsorships to fund this event that will be donating a portion of the proceeds to One Family Fund. In return for your generous donation, SKY HIGH CHOOS will provide you with several benefits (contact me for sponsorship package).

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions in regard to this opportunity. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Kianna Kaspy


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