What Drives Students to Seek Admission in DU?

Delhi University is one of the renowned universities in India. A lot of students aspire to be a part of the Delhi University. Mentioned in this article are 5 things that encourage the students across the country to seek admission in DU.

It is well known that the choice of college and the university plays a significant role in defining your professional career. The university or institute that has a balanced curriculum that promotes both academics, as well as extra-curricular activities, is capable of directing your career. Among numerous universities in India, Delhi University is undoubtedly the most popular.

Students from all across the country, seek admission in DU it being one of the best central universities in India. So, described in this article are 5 things that encourage people to apply for admission in DU.

· An Exposure to Different Culture

The culture at Delhi University is highly dynamic and not just restricted to academics. From singing to dramatics, there are different student societies that provide the right platform to the budding talent. You are also bound to find a huge number of students from different educational backgrounds.

· Opportunity to Study with the brightest of the minds

The admission in DU for most of the undergraduate courses is purely on the basis of the marks scored in the class 12th. Every year the cut off for DU is very high and only the brightest of the minds can get into the college. So, be it an aspiring artist who excels in drama or music or anyone studying physics, you are surrounded by a pool of talented young minds.

· Experience unity in diversity

Given the fact that Delhi University is a central university, students from all around the country apply for admission in DU. So, right from the first day, you start attending your classes, you will be surrounded by fellow mates of different backgrounds. This makes it as one of the best places to appreciate the diverse language and culture of this country.

· High level of education

Apart from all the cultural aspects, University of Delhi is known for its high level of education. Some of the major national and multinational companies recruit students from the reputed colleges that are under DU. The remuneration offered to the students is quite high, which bears testimony to the value of the bright minds studying in the University.

· Be a part of proud institution

There are about 70+ colleges under Delhi University. Some of these colleges are over 80 years old and have produced many notable alumni over the years. So, one gets the chance to be a part of an institution that beholds a magnificent history.

Seeking Admission in DU

Seeking admission in DU is either on the basis of merit or the aspirant’s performance in the entrance test. The entrance exam is conducted for selected courses only. The application form is available during the first week of April and can be filled within a month. The exact date varies each year. The DU admissions in 2017 are to begin by the end of June. The cut-off lists are announced only after the announcement of the class 12th results of all the boards across India.