My Food Adventure

This is my very first blog post and I am trying to do this every day but sometimes I will have to miss a few days. My posts will mostly just be about whats happening in my every day life. Today I am going to write about a past experience that I call “My Food Adventure”. This was when my family and I went to Vilnius, Lithuania and found 1 street and got 1 food item at a restaurant. We went to 8 different restaurant and had 7 different cultures, So with that being said lets move on.

GYOZO- My first food was Gyoza in a place called “Gyoza”. That culture was Japanese. Gyoza is a traditional Japanese dumpling.

Sushi- The second and my favourite item was sushi. The culture was Japanese. We had a type of sushi called “Nigiri”, Nigiri is a rice oval with fish and sometimes even cooked egg on top of it.

Tacos- Next we had one of my families favourites, Tacos. These foods come from a place called Mexico. We had hard shell tacos with all sorts of ingredients like beans, cheese, guacamole, and meat.

Hummus- Hummus is fourth on the menu. Hummus is a traditional Lebanese dish that is based with chickpeas. We had a hummus plate, in the plate we got hummus with bread, carrots, broccoli, and other thing to dip in the hummus.

Hot wing and nuggets- These are classic American treats at barbecues. The were fresh and the meat was definitely not prosest. We had this at a place were there was gourmet beer. It was a fun finger food after all those other foods.

Korean BBQ- Next we had Korean barbecue. It was so tasty and different to normal barbecue. We had many other item besides meat like beans, kimchi, and chilli peppers.

Dessert- Finally we had dessert. We had a caramel crème dessert and ice-creams to. I had mango sorbet, and it was the best sorbet I have ever had. Normally I don't like sorbet because it is sour and hurts my mouth but this one just melted in my mouth.

In conclusion to my adventure, I loved trying different cuisines and it was my favourite day Ive ever had in Vilnius. I also just want to say thank you for reading my long blog and I hope you enjoyed it. Please tell me what I can work on too. Sorry if this is not that interesting to you I am only 10. Thank you, Bye and see you tomorrow.

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