My boyfriend booked a music festival…and these are the bands I refuse to miss.

With 35 Denton a little over a week away my life has been completely taken over. My house has been the base of operations for the booking team and Charlie’s phone is constantly going off with e-mails, text messages, slack messages and so on and so on. If you follow 35D at all you’ve probably seen their “Sounds of 35” blog posts where the people who volunteer to put this fest together introduce themselves through a playlist. This is my version of that.

I’m crazy proud of the line up the team has come up with and I think any show you go to you’ll have a blasty blast at, but here’s what I’m excited to see this year at 35D :)

Obviously I’m pretty excited to see the main stage acts. Biz Markie’s show is obviously going to be awesome and I’m in love with Charles Bradley. (shhhh don’t tell the other Charlie in my life)

Friday Night

Unfortunately I have to work Friday night so I’ll miss most of the festivities BUT If you’re one of the lucky people who doesn’t have to work then these are my suggestions:

Friday night for me would most likely be spent running back and forth between Dans Silverleaf and the building formerly known as GDAC (now PAAC). With acts like DANIEL MARKHAM and RTB2 on the bill you know Dans is going to be a good time. But the PAAC has my favorite line up of the night with acts like PEARL EARL, COZY HAWKS, TACOCAT and CALLIOPE MUSICALS.

Other things I would love to see Friday night:

WIREWINGS - 11pm @ Andy’s

GUM - 12am @ Andy’s

JKPK - 9pm @ Taps & Caps



WEE BEASTIES - 10p @ J&J’s

It’s a short list, but like I said earlier, I’d spend most of my time at the PAAC and Dans :)


The list of things I want to do with my life on this day is absolutely cray cray.

I want to see all of the things.

I’m going to try and not list every band playing this day…try.

Main Stage 2 is going to be a lot of fun. The Birds of Night ALWAYS put on a kick-ass show and PURPLE is going to bring a hella fun time to the stage. I’m crazy happy that Main Stage 2 local favorite Hares On The Mountain will be sandwiched between Main Stage 1 headliners, Class Actress and Charles Bradley!

As far as other venues go, the PAAC is going to be my go to for music on Saturday.

Excuse me while I fan girl out for a moment.

If you only see one band this year Well Hung Heart HAS to be it.

They played last year and I have been obsessed with their music ever since. Charlie and I talk up this band as much as we possibly can because they are everything you could ever want out of a rock band. Once I put their music on that is all I’m listening to until I’ve heard every song (maybe twice) and watched every video. I’m super excited that they will be opening for ELECTRIC SIX.

Music Bear Tony Banks will be opening for WHH and if you missed his show last year, you DO NOT want to miss it this year. OMG. Too much fun.

Dans: Swandiver @3:45pm, Hella Zealous @ 5:15pm, Pansy Moon @ 9:45pm, Danny Diamonds @ 10:30, Megafauna @ 12:45

Andys: Cornhole @ 11:30pm

Harvest House: My Education @ 11pm, LEV @ 12am

Taps & Caps: GAR GAR @ 9pm, Supersonic Lips @ 11pm

LSA Burger: SHMU @ 8pm, HIKES @ 11pm

This is the day I survive off of Red Bull and whiskey.

Sunday Funday

This is the day every year where I plan to have no set in stone plans. I like to see where the day takes me.

Voted 2015's Best Underground Southern Rapper

Main Stage 1 is going to be the place to be Sunday night with acts like Biz and Elliot Sumner. But what I am most excited about is my favorite local hip-hop artist and genuine all around great guy, AV the Great #nofakehandshakes This is one of the hardest working men I have seen and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get to where he wants to be. He’s a badass and there’s no way I’m missing this party.

I’m excited Vadaat Charigim, The Demigs, Son of Stan and Abacaba will be joining AV on Main Stage 2!

I’m definitely planning on checking out EMUFUCKA, HELEN KELLER SKELTER, BOAT DRINKS and more than likely I’ll end up spending most of the day at Dans for Sheer Mag, Otis the Destroyer, Big Ups, Warren Jackson Hearne, North By North, Paul Slavens, Nervous Curtains and Kim Nall & The Fringe.

If you didn’t make it out to Rock Lottery this last go around you seriously missed out on your new favorite band, Keytari. Thankfully Charlie didn’t let them get away with one performance ever, so he booked them at Harvest House for Sunday @ 9pm.

I’m super excited to see what everyone brings to the table this go around. I tried to include links to musicians so you can take a look for yourself.

I also found a playlist on YouTube called: 35 Denton 2016 performers.

I’m so proud of everyone at 35Denton. They have worked so hard to put together a music festival they hope you’ll enjoy. These people volunteer for this fest year round and it takes a lot of work (and time). I am so proud of what my friends have accomplished!

Rock on Denton.