The Case for Slow Design
Jesse Weaver

Splendid! For a while now I’ve been thinking about how we need to change our economic system; the current models promote growth, which rewards increased production rates. However, increased production rates means either cheaper wages (with slavery or robots being the ultimate outcome) so your products per hour cost less, or producing more products per hour (which Germany does very well).

The consequence of cheaper wages is a reduced consumer base and large unemployment (it’s a reply and I know I’m making sweeping generalisations). The consequence of faster productivity is reduced job satisfaction as processes become increasingly automated and compartmentalized.

Craftsmanship would give the craftsman the satisfaction of making her/his item and enable the purchaser to get something exactly for them. However, the trick is making a decent economic case for the transition to craftsmanship.

Anyway, I’m rambling off on a tangent. I applaud your article and the sentiments it conveys.

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