Hiding your failures is one of the biggest mistakes in personal branding

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Courtesy of Mary Kay

In 1963, a middle-aged woman was passed over for promotion in favor of a young man she herself had trained. It was going to be, she decided, the last in a long series of discriminations in her job as a saleswoman. She quit.

She didn’t give up sales. Instead, she used the experience to inspire a book, which became a company. A month before the launch of the company she had planned to run with her husband, he passed away. She didn’t give up then, either.

A month after her husband’s death, this woman started her business: by women, for women. She had been excluded for being a woman, so she decided to make inclusion the main point of what would become Mary Kay Cosmetics. She had been hampered by the lack of a man in her life, so she created a business model that would be enough for one woman to support herself alone. …


Kiara Williams

Freelance ghostwriter, blogger and unashamed champion of underdogs. Hound for pop culture, marketing, media and social justice. And I’m in Brooklyn.

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