10 Must Try Secure Messaging Apps Of 2017

Messages these days not only contain friendly chats but important business information, passwords, pictures, service submissions, etc. These chats need to be password protected or encrypted such that no third party can read private and confidential information. The ability of your phone to monitor your traffic enables the middle meddlers to intercept and read the messages you send with many popular apps — all the more reason for us to have secure free WiFi messaging app to send unlimited free messages.

In this article, we tell you about 10 free messaging apps of 2017:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger: In April 2016, WhatsApp Messenger enabled end to end encryption which means the person who sends the message and the one who he has sent to can only access that. Not every chat is protected on WhatsApp messenger but one has an option of security code such that someone isn’t intercepting your messages and passing them on which is also known as the Man-In-The-Middle attack.

WhatsApp Messenger is available for both iPhone and Android Phone.

2. Facebook Messenger: Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook uses signal protocol for end to end encrypted messages with optional “Secret Conversation” feature. After sending a secret message you can send regular photos, videos and audios.

You can also send disappearing messages to the other person which will disappear in 10–20 seconds. However, if someone reports the message, it will be decrypted and will be sent to the team of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is for both iPhone and Android Phone.

3. Telegram: Telegram is not only quick and simple to use, this messaging app is also an excellent “secret chat” feature. Conversations are encrypted and can be accessed only on a device where the chat has been started. The local message database is not encrypted by default so you have to set a password.

The encryption algorithm is used for secret chats and has been created by the Telegram developers, which gives users no guarantee on the security front here.

Telegram Messenger is for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android Phone.

4. Gliph: The Gliph is available for Android phones, iOS and Desktop. It is a secure messaging app that encrypts messages using SSL and supports securely deleting messages. You can also set-up self-destruction messages which will expire after a certain period of time. Gliph supports secure group messaging which will allow you to talk safely with multiple people, it supports Bitcoin payments which allows you to safely send and receive cash to and from contacts.

5. Signal: Signal is a messenger app for the privacy conscious people, as it comes from open whisper system. Just like WhatsApp Messenger Signal is easy to use and the conversations can be encrypted end to end. The source code of Signal is open, so experts could easily check the vulnerability.

However, unlike WhatsApp, Signal doesn’t record the data of messages and you will not have any backup of the messages you have sent on the signal.

Signal app is available for iPhone and Android users.

6. Frozen Chat: Frozen Chat is as cool as its name and its design is equally funky. It has the facility of sending end to end encrypted messages with OTR messaging. This means that your messages are secure and you can also verify the person who you’re speaking to. There may be the possibility of forging the message by the third party which gives you the right of deniability.

Frozen Chat is open source and also supports the open XMPP protocol which is used on thousands of servers.

Frozen Chat is only available for Android phone users.

7. Wibrate: It’s a free to download chat application. In addition to chat (text) messages, it provides a host of services like sharing audio, video, location and recording based messages. Using Wibrate local businesses can send user polls, feedback messages and broadcast survey messages. Additionally, one can also chat one on one (real-time) with the respective businesses through dedicated business chats.

8. Wickr Me: Wickr Me, is the unlimited free messaging app which not only facilitates an end to end encryption but it can strip out metadata such as the timestamp from conversations. Messages can be self-destructed after a certain period of time. Also, there is an erase feature, which makes it easier to wipe out messages.

There are several security companies who have tried to edit the source code but as it is not open to public use, there isn’t any way to check for bugs.

Wickr Me is available for both Android and iOS.

9. Chat Secure: Same as Frozen Chat, Chat Secure supports OTR messaging and the open XMPP protocol. There is not much for Android version but the iOS version is actively developed.

It is advisable to use an XMPP server which uses a Tor hidden service to keep your conversation entirely in the ‘dark web’ as this is more secure.

10. Silence: Silence is the better alternative for a regular android messaging app. It stores all the messages in an encrypted form which isn’t protected by the password but you can avail that option. If both the users are using SILENCE app then the app will recognize and use end to end encryption to send text and media instead.

The Silence has the open source code so experts can check that its code is free of vulnerabilities or other sneaky stuff.

Now you know best free Wi-Fi messaging apps, which are secure and have the facility of an end to end encryption. Download any of these apps and enjoy the benefits of messaging securely. Now you can choose which app works out the best for your needs and your phone.

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