The First Month

So President Donald Trump took office on January 20, and oh boy what a ride it has been. Besides trying to break the Japanese Prime Minister’s arm off and basically saying Bye Felicia to the Aussie Prime Minister, the administration has been delightfully entertaining.

Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s national security advisor, resigned after 24 days in office, for his ties with Russia. Now I’m not mocking people who have quit their jobs or who love Russian culture (I love vodka too), but for one of the top ranking officials running a global superpower to last just 24 days is fascinatingly comical. It’s even more fantastic when you realise Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage lasted 72 days.

That sparked off one of the greatest episodes of The Apprentice. Like, ever. The President of the United States racing against time to fill a top post in his Cabinet. So many candidates, so many interviews. EXCEPT IT’S NOT REALITY TV. Trump was rejected like a jilted lover by his top pick Vice-Admiral Robert Harward, and after a week has finally somehow convinced Lieutenant General HR McMaster to take the job.

The Donald isn’t doing too badly making the news himself. With merely 1354 days until the next Presidential election, the Trump empire’s former owner is not wasting anymore time, scrambling to hit the campaign trail. Lest we forget, the Trump campaign had a surplus at the end, with no debt. Ahh, having no debt. That must definitely be unfamiliar territory for Mr Trump.

The former real estate mogul is also one of the most hardworking presidents in recent history. Following the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan and the biggest inauguration crowd the country has ever seen in the Capitol, Mr Trump spends his weekends at Mar-A-Lago resort, turning a dining patio into an al fresco Situation Room dealing with a North Korean missile launch. You can’t make this shit up.

Amidst the weekends at the resort, he has constantly reiterated that he wants to get Americans back to work. No Donald, YOU get back to work. Except on the border wall. And the North Dakota pipeline. And the… okay you know what Donald, actually just sit back down lol.

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