Should Planned Parenthood be Defunded

Although we are born and raised differently, as a society we are still engraved with the same general ideas about what is right and wrong. We grow up believing and supporting society’s idea of what women can do or what they are suppose to do in their lives. Luckily, in today’s society women have more rights that are equal to those of men, however, some of their rights continue to be tested. Throughout time there has always been a debate about whether abortion should be legal or not but I will be talking about Planned Parenthood, a non profit organization that offers women advice about contraception, family planning, and any reproductive problems that have been at the forefront. This organization reaches out to all women both teenagers and older. One of the biggest reasons why Donald Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood is because of their abortion services. Personally I disagree with defunding Planned Parenthood because women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies as they please and they also should have access to contraceptive methods.

In the article, “Trump Tells Planned Parenthood its Funding Can Stay if Abortion Goes,” by Maggie Haberman, she talks about Trump’s announcement to keep funding planned parenthood if the abortion part of the organization is eliminated. The article was published on March 07, 2017. Throughout the article, there are quotes from Trump where he states his support for planned parenthood. Trump is all for women’s rights and women’s healthcare, the only thing he is against is the abortion because he is pro-life. Maggie’s main argument in the article is that Trump’s proposal is impossible according to the Planned Parenthood officials because the money that is funded towards the organization does not provide abortion services. The money funded helps pay for the women’s health services in which the organization provides for them.

The fight against the defunding of planned parenthood continues because without this organization, hundreds of women will be left without health insurance and taxes will go up. Although Planned Parenthood supports many women throughout the world, he real question that arises is why do Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood? In the article, “For Planned Parenthood Abortion Stats, ‘3 percent’ and ’94 percent’ Are Both Misleading” written by Michelle Ye Hee Lee, it talks about the statistics within Planned Parenthood and it also brings up misleading topics. There are two different fact sheets in which one stated that abortion made up 94 percent of Planned Parenthood and the other stated that it only made up 3 percent of the organization. Even though these statistics were found in a 2013–2014 report, there is another article with updated statistics on Planned Parenthood’s services. When looking at statistics, it is important to look at other factors like what percentage of abortions were from women under the age of twenty, were they married or unmarried? These play a huge role because try putting yourself in the situation of an accidental pregnancy, still a teenager in high school, trying to figure out life and wondering how you would be able to take care and raise another human being.

During pregnancy there are three trimesters within the nine-month period. The first trimester consists of weeks one through twelfth. During the first trimester the woman’s body changes and pregnancy symptoms like mood swings, cravings or distaste in certain foods, morning sickness, and swollen breasts begin to occur. At four weeks, the baby’s brain, spinal cord, and heart have begun to form. Also, your baby is now an embryo and is one-twenty-fifth inch long. Most abortions occur before the fourth weeks, while it is still a fetus and not an embryo. In the second trimester of pregnancy, specifically at sixteen weeks, the skin of the baby begins to form and the baby’s first bowel movement begins. At twenty weeks the baby is more active and the mom could feel slight fluttering. The baby is able to hear and swallow at this point. Finally, during the third trimester the baby’s bones are fully formed but still soft, you can feel the baby’s kicks and jabs a bit more forceful. Around thirty-seven weeks the baby is considered full term, which means it is ready to function on their own and should be turning into head-down position to get ready for birth.

On the other hand, most of society believes that abortion is wrong because the action involves murdering an unborn human being. When I googled the definition of what murder is, I found that murder is the intentional killing of one human being by another. In comparison with murder, abortion is defined as the termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed within the first trimester of pregnancy, prior to the thirteenth week. There are also different methods used for abortion. There are three types of abortion procedures that are currently practiced and these include medical, chemical, and surgical abortions. Medical abortions involve the administration of a drug, like methotrexate, which is a highly toxic chemical that directly attacks and breaks down the baby’s growing cells and it destroys the system that the baby needs in order to survive. So once the drug terminates the baby’s support system, the baby eventually dies because it does not have the support system it needs to survive in the mother’s stomach. The next method of abortion is through chemical abortions. This includes drugs that, some times, can prevent the implantation of a baby. An example of a chemical abortion would be the use of Plan B, also known as the after pill, which is taken right after having unprotected sex or within the next seventy-two hours. Although other drugs used for abortion actually can terminate a pregnancy, the after pill prevents the pregnancy by stopping the release of the egg from the ovary. The last method of abortion that is practiced is surgical and this can involve many different procedures that occur within the first trimester. A common surgical abortion is called suction aspiration and the doctor inserts a suction tube into the mother and it sucks the baby parts into a bottle. Even though some of these procedures are a bit extreme, I would much rather keep abortion legal and safe because if abortion becomes illegal women will find other ways to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

Even though these articles have moderately changed my perspective on the topic, I disagree with defunding planned parenthood. I do not agree with defunding the organization because the reason behind it is all revolved on the abortion aspect from the organization’s services. Growing up in a Christian home, most of my beliefs were against abortion. Republicans are not looking at all of the other good services that planned parenthood provides. Also, the organization not only helps women, but it provides health care services for both men and women. According to some fast facts on planned parenthood provided by Debra Goldschmidt and Ashley Strickland on CNN, “it estimates that 2.5 million women and men in the US visit its affiliate health centers for services and information each year, and its website receives 60 million visits annually.” This is important information to acknowledge because the organization provides services on sex education for young adults, testing for HIV or STI’s, pregnancy preventions, and if planned parenthood is defunded then where will all these people go to to find out this information?

In conclusion, I watched “The History of 100 Years of Women’s Health Care at Planned Parenthood” which is a short documentary on the organization and Republicans should watch it because it tells the story of how Planned Parenthood was created. The message in the video is powerful because it demonstrates why some women consider abortions and what Planned Parent hood does in order to help support the decision. For example, back in the days when abortion was illegal, women would have to seek cheap illegal abortion clinics which the procedures would not always be successful. Some women have died because the procedure went wrong or it did not heal properly. Even though, some may argue that women would not have died if she had not paid for an illegal abortion. However, if women do not have access to some type of birth control, they will keep getting pregnant. There is nothing wrong with pregnancy but a woman’s body can only handle so much. In the video there were women who had 9 and even up to 18 kids. Not only does this affect a mother’s body but it also comes down to financial issues because not everyone has a stable job and can afford to raise 10+ kids. Planned parenthood is there to provide access to affordable health care and birth control for women who are in need. Despite all the arguments against Planned Parenthood because of abortion issues, I stand with my position in not defunding the organization.

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